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EOL Notice

Gigabit SFP modules

EtherWAN announces the end of life for the following Gigabit SFP modules:


Non-Hardened (Operating Temperature: 0℃ to 70℃ / 32℉ to 158℉)


Old Model Name Old Ordering No. Distance New Model Name New Ordering No. Wavelength
EX-1250NSP-SB1L 96G-1GSM02CS4 275m/ 550m EX-1250NSP-SB1L S 96G-1GSC02CS4 850nm
EX-1250TSP-MB2L 96G-1GSN02CS4 2 Km EX-1250TSP-MB2L S 96G-1GSD02CS4 1310nm
EX-1250TSP-MB4L 96G-1GSS10CS4 10 Km EX-1250TSP-MB4L S 96G-1GSD10CS4 1310nm
EX-1250TSP-MB5L 96G-1GSS20CS4 20 Km EX-1250TSP-MB5L S 96G-1GSD20CS4 1310nm
EX-1250TSP-NB6L 96G-1GSS40CS4 40 Km N/A N/A 1310nm
EX-1250TSP-KB8L 96G-1GSS70CS4 70 Km N/A N/A 1550nm
EX-1250TSP-CB8L 96G-1GWS70MS4 70 Km N/A N/A 1550nm
    40 Km EX-LS38-C3L-TC-N-EB (DDM) 96G-7GID40CS4 1310nm
    70 Km EX-LS48-C3U-TC-N-EB (DDM) 96G-7GID70CS4 1550nm
Hardened (Operating Temperature: -40℃ to 85℃ / -40℉ to 185℉)
Old Model Name Old Ordering No. Distance New Model Name New Ordering No. Wavelength
EX-1250NSP-SB1L-A 96G-1GSM02MS4 275m/ 550m EX-1250NSP-SB1L-A S 96G-1GSC02MS4 850nm
EX-1250TSP-MB2L-A 96G-1GSN02MS4 2 Km EX-1250TSP-MB2L-A S 96G-1GSD02MS4 1310nm
EX-1250TSP-MB4L-A 96G-1GSS10MS4 10 Km EX-1250TSP-MB4L-A S 96G-1GSD10MS4 1310nm
EX-1250TSP-MB5L-A 96G-1GSS20MS4 20 Km EX-1250TSP-MB5L-A S 96G-1GSD20MS4 1310nm
EX-1250TSP-NB6L-A 96G-1GSS40MS4 40 Km N/A N/A 1310nm
EX-1250TSP-KB8L-A 96G-1GSS70MS4 70 Km N/A N/A 1550nm
    40 Km EX-LS38-C3L-TI-N-EB (DDM) 96G-7GID40MS4 1310nm
    70 Km EX-LS48-C3U-TI-N-EB (DDM) 96G-7GID70MS4 1550nm


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19th Dec 2014 19th Jun 2015

EtherWAN encourages you to begin migration plans soon. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact your EtherWAN sales representative or e-mail to

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