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When building a modern surveillance system, the selection and setup of cameras, network video recorders (NVR), switches and routers play an important role in building a reliable surveillance system. IP (Internet Protocol) networks are being used and deployed to connect the elements of security and surveillance and Access Control systems. EtherWAN supplies a full line of Ethernet connectivity products designed to provide network services for security and access control systems.

  • Monitoring systems used in places of service and retail, Ethernet extenders for metro surveillance, and in-vehicle surveillance projects are just a few success stories of EtherWAN’s impact on IP Security.
  • Devices such as remote controllers, badge readers and CCTV cameras are now connecting via faster or higher bandwidth Ethernet networks rather than slower analog serial connections.

Looking for Ethernet Transmission Solutions?

A challenge System Integrators must face is whether a network surveillance system operates properly. This depends on the signal transmission between monitors and cameras, as well as the complete integration of storage medium and VMS. Modern network cameras utilize PoE technology to support both power and data transmission. In this expo, EtherWAN Systems, Inc. will showcase the latest Ethernet connectivity products, and will also share the valuable experiences, from network planning to versatile success stories, in both local and overseas installations. (Booth No : 6421)


EtherWAN is appointed as the Sole Sponsor for Ethernet Connectivity for Secutech Awards 2015

EtherWAN Systems, Inc., a global Ethernet connectivity solution provider, announced its 5th consecutive year of sponsorship to the Secutech Excellence Awards in Secutech International during 28-30 April, 2015. EtherWAN set up Ethernet Switches for the live demonstration as well as provided technical support on site. The switches connected with 7 NVRs and 47 IP cameras, including those with ultra HD, IR bullet, and panorama features. The audience saw the live performance results of the surveillance equipment from each contestant.


Ethernet Connectivity for IP Security

Ethernet Connectivity for IP Security

We collected the IP Security related application projects that EtherWAN have been done around the world...
Release Date:2014/11/26

28April  -  30April

Secutech Expo

EtherWAN will be @ Booth No. 6421 to display our full product line.

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16June  -  18June

IFSEC International

EtherWAN @ Booth B550 and will be share our experience with you.

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► Monitoring Systems Used in Resort

EtherWAN worked with
solution partners to form
a complete real-time
monitoring system for
a hillside resort development.




► In-vehicle Surveillance Project in Germany

VS Bus company in Germany 
chooses EtherWAN's prodcut 
to provide a robust in-vehicle
IP surveillance solution.




► Ethernet Extenders for Metro Surveillance

The city government install 
cameras in each major traffic 
interaction structuring with
an IP based surveillance system.



► How do Ethernet Switches Affect the Overall Network?

How a virtual user is
beneficial from EtherWAN's
offers to build his IP 
security solutions.




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60W PoE Switch EX78602
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PoL (Power over Link) from EtherWAN
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01_3.jpg Extended Ethernet Distance
Long distance Ethernet over copper pair or coaxial up to 2.6km using existing wiring infrastructure.
02_3.jpg Technology to Industry
EtherWAN is committed to provide industry-certified product development such as IEC61850/IEEE1613 for power grid and substations, EN50155/EN50121-4 for rolling-stock and railway.
03_3.jpg Hardened Design Know-how
Designed to survive in extended temperature range; Protection against shock and vibration, power surge and high ESD, etc.
04_0.jpg Efficient Bandwidth Control
Port-based VLAN, IEEE802.3Q VLAN Tagging and GVRP, IEEE802.1p QoS with priority queues, MAC-based trunking support.
05_0.jpg Redundancy Management
Unique α-Ring topology guarantees recovery time < 15ms, multiple power inputs design, relay contact design for alarm connections.
06_1.jpg Wise Mounting Design
Rack mount, Din Rail mount, Wall mount, Panel mount and Desktop.
07_1.jpg Access Control
MAC address filter, IEEE802.1x PNAC, VLAN, Port mirror.
08_1.jpg Network Management
Fully managed, console, web, SNMP, Telnet.