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ED3331 Series

Industrial 10/100BASE-TX Ethernet Extender over
Coaxial Cable


   The ED3331 Series Ethernet Extender enables the extension of Ethernet connectivity over existing coaxial cable allowing legacy
   infrastructure to be leveraged for IP networks and extending the Ethernet distance limitations of 100-meters.

   Upgrading an existing legacy control or surveillance system to a new IP-based system is a complicated task, especially when existing
   cable infrastructure is old coaxial cable. EtherWAN’s ED3331 Series provides Ethernet connection and extension over these existing
   copper wire cables minimizing the expense of pulling new cable infrastructure.

   The ED3331 Series is built with industrial grade specifications, providing wide temperature operation range from -10°C to 60°C
   to overcome industrial environments. Incorporating VDSL technology, the ED3331’s BNC extender ports provide long distance
   transmission with 75Mbps rate at 200 meters, or 1Mbps at 2600 meters; 5 speed LED Indicators in the front panel provide easy
   lookup for the connection speed.


•	UL508 Certification

    ◦◦ Specific design for industrial communication applications with UL508 safety certification

•	Transmission Speed LED Indication

    ◦◦ Supports ten speed LED Indicators

•	Industrial Operating Temperature Range

    ◦◦ From -10°C to 60°C, wide operating temperature is suitable for outdoor cabinet installation

•	Optional Chassis System

    ◦◦ Supports wall mounting or EtherWAN's EMC1600 chassis system for easy group installation with power redundancy

ED3331  37

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