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Power over Link™ Ethernet Extenders


      Hardened 10/100BASE-TX PoL™/PoE Ethernet Extender
      over Coaxial Cable



   The ED3638 Hardened Ethernet Extender utilizes EtherWAN’s exclusive Power over Link™ (PoL™) technology to deliver both PoE
   power and Ethernet communications over a single legacy coaxial cable. The ED3638 PoL™ solution is comprised of an ED3638
   Transmitter and Receiver working together to provide reliable communications and power to remote PoE Powered Devices (PD).

   When remote connectivity and power is required on legacy cable, the ED3638 transceiver connected with an AC/DC power
   provides 30 watts of power and a bandwidth of 100Mbps to be delivered to the ED3638 receiver. The ED3638 receiver in turn
   powers up a remote PoE device such as an IP camera, a wireless access point, an emergency intercom, or a VoIP phone.

   When the application demands long-distance and more power delivery, the ED3638 can also be connected with power at both
   ends, to maximize the transmission distance to 2400 meters.

   The ED3638 is compliant with UL60950-1 / IEC60950-1 / EN61000-6-4 / EN61000-6-2 standards with high electromagnetic
   sustainability and IEC60068 standards against shock and vibration, ensuring a reliable connection under harsh environments.


•	Power over Link™ up to 1.8 km (5905 ft.)

    ◦◦ Over an 1800 meters long coaxial cable, a guaranteed 4 watts power with 15Mbps bandwidth is delivered to the receiving side

•	Ethernet extension solution with high transmission data rate up to 100Mbps

    ◦◦ Up to 400 meters transmission distance with 100Mbps data rate

•	Transmission rate and PSE output power indicator LEDs

    ◦◦ Six transmission rate LEDs and three PoE/PSE output power LEDs on the front panel

ED3638  9

                                                                                            rev. A1.2
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