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EX1616W Series

Web-Smart 16-port 10/100BASE-TX and 1-port 100BASE-FX
Ethernet Switch

   EtherWAN’s EX1616W Series is a Web-smart Fast Ethernet switching platform, designed for easy deployment in small business or
   enterprise environments.
   The EX1616W Series is equipped with sixteen ports, with the combination of sixteen Fast Ethernet copper ports and one expansion
   fiber slot. Although web-managed, the EX1616W is feature rich with full wire speed Fast Ethernet throughput, making the EX1616W
   Series a powerful network switch.
   Users are able to access management features such as; IP configuration, QoS, VLANs, trunking and via web browser interfaces.
   EtherWAN – "When Connectivity is Crucial."


•	Fiber Uplink

    ◦◦ Modulized fiber port configurations

•	Web-Smart

    ◦◦ Web management for port configuration, port-base VLAN, Trunking and QoS

•	Built-in AC Power Supply

    ◦◦ For hassle-free power input

EX1616W Series  234

                                                                                                      rev. A1.1
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