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EX33000 Series

Industrial Unmanaged 16-port 10/100BASE Ethernet Switch


   EtherWAN’s EX33000 Series is an industrial unmanaged Fast Ethernet switching platform, designed for easy deployment in harsh
   The EX33000 Series is equipped with sixteen Fast Ethernet ports, or a combination of Fast Ethernet copper ports and two
   100FX ports for long distance connectivity. Although unmanaged, the EX33000 is feature rich with full wire speed Fast Ethernet
   throughput, making the EX33000 Series a powerful network switch.
   EtherWAN – "When Connectivity is Crucial."


•	Industrial Grade

    ◦◦ Supports -10°C to 60°C (14°F to 140°F) operating temperature

•	Versatile mounting Options

    ◦◦ Supports DIN-Rail, panel and rack mounting

•	Fiber Connectivity

    ◦◦ Up to two 100BASE-FX ports with SC, ST and WDM options

EX33000 Series  196

                                                                                                      rev. A1.2
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