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Technology                Standard      Availability  PSE       PD   Current

      PoE                 IEEE802.3af        2003     15.4E  12.95W   350mA
 PoE+ (AT)                IEEE802.3at        2009     30W    25.5W    600mA

UPoE/4 pairs               Proprietary   2012/2009    60W      51W   600mAx2

Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN, IEEE802.1Q)

The IEEE802.1Q standard establishes a method for inserting a virtual local area network identifier (VID) into the
Ethernet frames. The sharing of VLANs between switches is achieved by inserting a tag with a VLAN identifier
(VID) into each frame. VLANs can be extended across a large network by assigning the same VID to the VLANs
on numerous switches. When using IEEE802.1Q, a VID must be assigned for each VLAN.

Web-based Management

The Managed Ethernet Switch also hosts a point-and-click Web-based interface that allows users to access the
full configuration and functionality of the switch from an Internet browser.

Web-Smart Switch

The Web-Smart Switch allows end users to configure IP settings, port-based VLANs, QoS settings and to
restore default settings, as well as to display status messages such as the PoE condition, link status and alarm
conditions. All of the above can be done via a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome.

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